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The Annual South and South Suburban Annual Friendship Dinner is a tribute to the Honorees for their dedication and service to our Church, to our Communities and as friends to those in need.


2023   Joseph Angelillo, Nick Cerone, Jim Killigrew, Jay Scarborough and Bob Szyman
2022   Fr. Michael Meany, Keith Betton, Joseph Santschi, Mathew Stevens, Louis White
2021   Father Paul Gins, Wayne Bukovic, Robert Griffin, Thomas J. Kaiser and Robert Major
2020   Honorees Thomas Cipich, Joseph Frontera, Alex Tennant and Claude Zaba
2017   Reverend Paul Burak, Reverend Scott Donahue,
John Donovan and Michael Schnabel
2016   Reverend Thomas Conde, Charles Boyd, Robert Fuggiti, Scott Hawkins and Thomas Luczak 
2015   Most Reverend Andrew P Wypych, D D
2014   Reverend Thomas A Mulcrone CV, Robert Bukowski, Ronald Fisher, and D. Todd Minard
2013   Reverend Anthony Brankin, Robert Adams, Richard Czarnecki, Theodore Glaser and Joseph Murray 
2012   Richard Spada, William Doody, Henry Montoya and John Blazevich  
2011   Reverend Dan Brandt, Tony Biliskov, Mike Centracchio and Larry and Marge Theriault 
2010   Reverend Ildephonse OFM, Jack McKay and Robert Pagorek
2009   Kenneth Cuprisin, Martin McCue, Michael Schumacher and John Schutziu
2008   Reverend Edward Cronin, David Dalaly* Gus Gusman and
Thomas Laughran
2007   Ronald Badyniak and William Linz, Jr
2006   Reverend Dan Danahey and Reverend Leo Lyons*
2005   John Cacciato and Thomas Love
2004   Robert Bonovich* and Francis Podbielski
2003   Joseph Matlon and Robert Oleszkiewicz* 
2002   B. J. Moonan and Rudy Valdez 
2001   John Muldoon and Ronald Cwetna
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2000   John Barron* and Robert Blake
1999   Reverend Edmund Schriber and Reverend Joseph Cook
1998   Paul Isherwood* and William Burke 
1997   Richard Everett* and Rubin Gaines
1996   The Most Reverend Robert Kaffer*
1995   Lawrence Lynch and Francis Wyzinski*
1994   Kenneth Collins* and Stephen Sopron
1993   James Fuller* and Jerome Slattery
1992   Wincelaus Podbielski and Joseph Yaeger
1991   The Most Reverend Alfred Abramowicz DD*
1990   His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Bernardin*
1989   Robert Hauwiller and John Lynch
1988   The Most Reverend Arthur O’Neill, DD
1987   Reverend Thomas VanThienan, O.S.A.*
1986   Michael Porrevecchio* and Neil Otto*
1985   James Johnston* and William Lynch*
1984   Harold Zimmerman* and Ted Pusty*
1983   Reverend William Lion
1982   August Sundemeyer 
1981   Harold Collord* and Edward Lee* 
1980   Frank Barnat* and Dr. Miles Redmond*
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1979   Thomas Goldenhagen and August Hurt
1978   Bryan Robinson and Michael Gill*
1977   August Ilg* and Paul Sink* 
1976   Kenneth Surowiec* and Daniel Carlyle*
1975   Joseph Doheny* and Robert Kellam*  
1974   Reverend Raymond Wheeler, O.S.A.*
1973   Matthew Cacciato* and James Hultgen*
1972   Francis Ellenberger*
1971   Reverend John Seary, O.S.A.*
1970   Frank McGillen*
1969   Joseph Cuci*
1968   Robert Meehan*
1967   Richard Collins*
1966   Richard Nugent*
1965   Joseph O’Brien*
1964   Joseph Cleary* 
1963   Earl Dunne*
1962   Leo Flynn* 
1961   George Griffin*
1960   Patrick Murphy*
1959   Leo Clifford*
1958   Dr. Joseph Laibe*

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